Combination centrifuges

Combination centrifuges
“Beyond the Limits“
SIEBTECHNIK has combined for solids separation from liquids and also for dewatering of solids the particular advantages of sedimentation and filtration into combination centrifuges.
By employing our combination machines the separating efficiency is increased, compared with filtering centrifuges. In addition, also the efficiency of solids dewatering is increased and, therefore, the energy costs of the drying process are reduced. In case of an existing system it is possible to increase production capacity by exchanging a conventional machine against a combination machine.

All SIEBTECHNIK combination centrifuges are adapted individually to the production environment and plant requirements.
In the combination machines the solids are separated by sedimentation in a solid-wall section. After that it is possible to wash the product in the screening section and to dewater it up to the severable dewatering limit. The selection of the type of machine is governed by machine parameters, g-number, holding time and cake height.
These combination machines have successfully operated in numerous industries and various applications. In the polymer industry this includes materials like polyoxymethylen (POM) and also copolymers and biopolymers. Regarding organic compounds amino acids, carboxylic acid derivates and in the foodstuff industry mono sodium glutamate (MSG) are processed.

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